The QS049 project of North Al Wukair is located in Al Wukair area, 5 km west of Al Wakrah. Roads Right of Way (ROW) includes corridors of widths below 10m (8-5m), 12m, 16m, 20m, 24m, 40m, 50m and 64m. Shared footpath for pedestrian and cyclist have been integrated in the design with on street parking bays.

The project includes local roads, collector roads, arterial roads, and expressway contains four underpasses with parallel service road. The project plot includes around 9726 residential plots, 1600 commercial plots, 4 schools, 3 governmental reserved plots, 21 mosques, 13 parks and 226 sqm open space/ green areas.


A detailed pavement design work was conducted for the project roadways. Some roads were new proposed roads and others were existed roads. More than 20 different pavement sections vary depending on traffic volume, soil properties, and road hierarchy have been designed. VISUM model have been used to extract total traffic volume and traffic survey have been used to find heavy vehicle percentage. AASHTO 1993 empirical method and the mechanistic method (CIRCLY) used to design the pavement sections, then the design has been compared against QHDM 1997 pavement sections when applicable. Value Engineering (VE) study have been conducted to compare all design results and to provide design recommendations.