Traffic Surveys

Traffic SurveysTraffic demand is a dynamic parameter that has a huge impact on the design of any new or existing projects. Seero provides Traffic Surveys service using high-technology gadgets and techniques. Our field team has the experience and skills to efficiently extract data with 95% accuracy level for several types of surveys.

Types of Traffic Surveys provided are:

  • Automatic Traffic Counts (ATC)

For all studies, road side units and pneumatic tubes used to record vehicle movements and process the preferable data according to the client’s project by class, speed and volume.

  • Turning Movement Counts (TMC)

For all Traffic Impact Studies (TIA), Turning movement counts are collected for a variety of purposes at signalized and
un-signalized intersections, using the Video Collection Unit (VCU) developed by Miovision Technologies. Giving you the most precise and accurate traffic data.

  • Manual Classified Counts (MCC)

Manual Classified Counts conducted with a highly-trained Seero team member they can provide critical visual information on site.

  • Parking Survey (PS)

Providing information about parking accumulation, vehicles arriving and leaving time and the turnover rate of a parking space. Parking surveys let you understand the situation of the parking facility to overcome problems and have better circulation and service.

  • Queue Length Survey (QLS)

Recording the number of vehicles in a queue just prior to the red signal turning to green for one or more legs of an intersection.  In case of multiple lanes, the number of vehicles in the longest queue only, or in each lane separately, can be recorded. QLS gives the information on how fast the traffic can be accumulated on a traffic signal for example.

  • Site Inspections and Drive-through Surveys.

Traffic impact studies needs an overall knowledge of the site situation and the surrounding roads, Seero team insure that for all TIS projects.

  • Pedestrian & Cyclist Survey (PCS)

Providing information on pedestrian practice, patterns, and tendencies to evaluate and assess proposed facilities. Using the Video Collection Unit (VCU) developed by Miovision Technologies and undertake pedestrian counts outside key congested roads such as schools, shopping areas, and special events.

  • Origin-Destination Survey (ODS)

Origin-destination defines both ‘ends’ of a single trip. Depending on the area and land use of different zones, ODS provided by Seero is based on different mode choices of generated trips.

  • Travel Time Survey (TTS)

Measurement of a vehicle’s time with respect to its distance traveled.