Traffic Impact Studies

New development sites can impact the surrounding roadway system by adding to existing traffic volumes or altering traffic patterns. In addition to designing appropriate access for proposed developments, planners and developers should strive to maintain a satisfactory level of transportation service and safety for all roadway users.

Traffic Impact Studies (TIS) is one of the essential services required for all new projects in order to assess and minimize the impact of the generated trips from the development on the surrounding road network. This also includes the detailed assessment of the internal circulations, parking lots, drop-off and traffic operation management.

Seero has been well-known in providing TIS with over 140 studies conducted in Qatar and Bahrain. With the benefit of our expertise in transportation, traffic, urban planning and using the latest leading industry and approved software including VISUM, VISSIM, Synchro, Sidra and AutoTurn, we have achieved a high success rate in getting the approval for TIS from the Land Transport Planning Department (LTPD) in the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) in Qatar. This service has been delivered to over 80 clients such as architectural consultants, governmental entities and private sector companies.

The TIS required by MOTC-LTPD includes several submissions as following:

  • Methodology Report
  • Development Review Report & Plans (including Road Safety Audit)
  • Traffic Survey Report
  • Traffic Impact Assessment and Mitigation
  • Final Traffic Impact Study Report

The TIS also required close coordination with relevant authorities in Qatar such as Public Work Authority (PWA – Ashghal) and Ministry of Municipality & Environment (MME).

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