Temporary Traffic Management Design

Safety is the first element for any construction work especially for road construction. It is important for all types of stakeholders especially for pedestrians, vehicles and workers within and adjacent to the road construction work area.

The aim of the Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) is to provide a safe road environment for all users and workers and minimize traffic delays that may result from lane restrictions or closures in a construction work zone.

TTM is required if you need to carry out your works on public roads. The function of TTM is to warn, control, protect and guide road users through or around a work zone. Whilst each work zone may have unique elements, certain fundamental principles must always be observed.

A proper TTM plan is not only for a matter of safety but also designed to improve mobility, as well as safety for the traveling public and highway workers without degrading the existing level of service of road for uniform flow of traffics.

We are committed to provide our client a high-quality Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) plan and related design for any road construction area which will be safe, cost effective and appropriate for all stakeholders.

Seero has succeeded to design diversions for several work zones as per Ashghal Road Safety Audit Guidelines, Procedures, and Work Zone Traffic Management Guidelines.

Rayyan Road

Temporary Traffic Management Plan with proposed Road Diversion of Al Matar Street (Airport street)

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