Asphalt Pavement Analysis & Design

The Middle East region’s enormous growth is rapidly moving towards quality and sustainability. We at Seero can assure our clients to Plan, Design, and Sustain by providing Asphalt Pavement Analysis & Design for a variety of projects within the region.

Our Joint Venture with The CMS Engineering Group which is one of the leading companies in the United States for Pavement Design Consultancy, has brought well-known experienced engineers on-board to provide excellent service and professional delivery for Asphalt Pavement  Analysis & Design.

The following are the services that Seero-CMS JV can deliver:

  1. Design and Review Pavement Structures following:
    • AASHTO 1993 Pavement Design.
    • Mechanistic-Empirical (M-E) Pavement Design Method.
    • Asphalt Institute (AI) Pavement Design Method
    • Software’s Designs using Circly 6.
  2. Design and Review Asphalt Mixture following:
    • Marshal Mix Design
    • SUPERPAVE Mix Design
  3. Improve the Quality Control and Assurance (QA/QC) procedures for laboratories, plants, and on-site constructions.
  4. Apply Value Engineering Principles to asphalt pavement design through:
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA).
    • Environmental Innovative Technology.
    • Alternative Analysis.