ITS, Wayfinding & Signage Design

Seero focuses on improving the motorists experience while reaching their designated destination. To achieve this, Seero always looks forward to enhance the level of safety in roads, improve roads design, and allocate the suitable signs in the appropriate location.

Wayfinding systems is a comprehensive study of a project that studies the types of visitors, people-flow, parking facilities, street entrances, reception areas and elevators. An easy navigated place means that an effective wayfinding system has been achieved.

As users living in a world that is improving fast in the technology field, we seek to provide the ITS- Intelligent Transport Systems services to cope with future of transportation. This service provides a high-tech system in parking spaces, roads, traffic lights, message signs, etc.

This service covers the following:

1- Planning wayfinding systems

  • The design process
  • Planning and strategy
  • The categories of signs
  • Sign content and locations

2- Wayfinding design

  • Branding and place making
  • Typography and layout
  • Color
  • Symbols and maps
  • Forms, materials, and media
  • Green design for sustainability