Utilities & Stormwater Management Design

Utilities & Stormwater Management DesignThe design and implementation of an appropriate and effective road facilities has ultimate importance to achieve a well-functioning road.

Stormwater management is a topic of great interest nowadays, especially that it has been heightened by environmental pollution. Therefore, Seero takes the initiative to be specialized in this area and transform the perception of utilities and stormwater management design from being a complementary element to a featured design element by itself.

We have developed a strong and comprehensive stormwater programs to consider and treat water as a critical natural resource that have a major and direct impact on the infrastructure of our cities and human lives consequently.

Infrastructure and Utilities Services can include the following main five activities:

Electrical Infrastructure / civil works inside substations as following:

  • Transformers Foundations
  • Generators Foundations
  • Cables Tunnels / Trenches
  • Cables supports
  • Outdoor sealing end Supports
  • Surge Arresters Supports
  • GIS Supports
  • Duct Bank
  • Cables Sunshield and bay guards
  • Provide technical solutions for intersection of cables trenches with other services/utilities

Electrical Infrastructure / civil works for Major Power Transmission Projects as following:

  • Cables joint bay (cast in site & precast)
  • Link box pit
  • PD sensor pit
  • Fiber Optical Cable manholes
  • Provide technical solutions for road crossing (open cut & HDD)

Electrical Infrastructure / civil elements for public facilities projects as followings:

  • Pole Light foundations
  • High Mast foundations

Wet Utilities as following:

  • Sewage Lifting Station
  • Sewage Treatment Plantation (STP)
  • Underground Tanks
  • Manholes (Water, Drainage & QTEL)
  • Water Tanks Foundations
  • Soakways (Cast in site & precast)