Our team has published several research papers as shown below:

1- Sadeq, M., Huang C., Masad, E., Al-Khalid, H., and Sirin, O., (2018) “Characterisation of the Creep and Recovery Responses of Fine Aggregate Warm Asphalt Mixtures,” Construction and Building Materials. (under preparation)”

2- Sadek, H., Sadeq, M., Masad, E., Al-Khalid, H. and Sirin, O., 2019. Probabilistic Viscoelastic Continuum Damage Analysis of Fatigue Life of Warm-Mix Asphalt. Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part B: Pavements145(3), p.04019024.

3- Sadeq, M., Masad, E., Al-Khalid, H., Sirin, O. “Characterisation of Air Voids in W-FAM Samples Using X-Ray CT Imaging.” Advances in Materials and Pavement Performance Prediction (AM3P) Conference, 16-18th April 2018. Doha, Qatar.

4-  Sadeq, H.,  Sayed, T., “Automated Roundabout Safety Analysis: Diagnosis and Remedy of Safety Problems“. Journal of Transportation Engineering, 18th July 2016, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)