Qatar General Insurance Co. has assigned MZ & Partners as the Project Design Consultant for the development of Mozoon (4 Towers) in West Bay, Doha, Qatar. MZ & Partners has assigned Seero Engineering Consulting LLC to conduct the Traffic Impact Study (TIS) for the Proposed Mozoon (4 Towers). The proposed development have separated five (5) basement floors for each tower and a podium consisting of the ground floor and two podium floors (GF+2PL). The number of floors and land uses for each tower is listed as the following:

  1. Tower A (5B+G+2PL+25) with Hotel land use.
  2. Tower B (5B+G+1PL+32) with Hotel land use.
  3. Tower C (5B+G+37) with Residential land use
  4. Tower D (5B+G+45) with Residential land use.

The development is located at Al Sham Street, Street No. 870 that can be accessed from Majlis Al Tawaon street (currently known as Al Bidda street no. 213) via Street no. 915, in Onaiza zone (No.63), Doha, Qatar. Considering the development location and the proposed land uses of the tower, it has been estimated based on the Dubai Trip Generation Manual (2013) that the development will generate a total of One thousand and forty-two (1042) two-way trips (in & out) during the PM peak hour. The study will be implemented according to the “Guidelines and Procedures of Transport Studies” issued by Land Transport and Planning Department in The Ministry of Transport (LTPD-MoT) date May 2011 and following memos.