The main objective of this Traffic Impact Study (TIS) is to evaluate and mitigate the impact of the generated trips from the development on the surrounding immediate road network and access points. This includes ensuring the adequacy and the safety of access, egresses, circulations and connections of the development with the adjacent road links.

The proposed development, Boulevard Mall is located in Al-Kheesa  beside AL-Shamal Road in Jeryan Jenaihat (Zone No. 70) in Doha, Qatar.  The project covers total plot area of one hundred twenty one thousand and seven hundred thirty four (121734.90) sqm.

TIS was categorized into two categories, primary study area and secondary study area. Primary study area is the area that was assessed and simulated using VISSIM micro-simulation software, which include the project accesses and egresses and the adjacent road links next to the development. The secondary study area is the area that was assessed using Synchro, Sidra and HCS software.

Seero team goal was to  to improve project parking layout, accesses, egresses, circulation, and accommodation of pedestrians and cyclist based on safety and mobility considerations,  in addition to the internal swept path analysis, circulation roadway analysis, road signage provision, geometric design review, taxi and public transport, pedestrian and cyclists’ facilities.