Seero Engineering Consulting always seeks to be engaged in all media fields and events to deliver to the Qatari Society the importance of its services that enrich the concept of Civil Engineering Consultancy, Road Safety, Transportation and Infrastructure disciplines and their vital importance to the development of the local requirements of Qatar.


  1. Eng. Haytham Sadeq Interview / Al-Arab Newspaper – مقابلة م. هيثم صادق / جريدة العرب (Click on Link)
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  1. Seero Engineering Consulting and CMS Engineering Group has conducted an extensive workshop in Asphalt Mix Design in Qatar on October 1-2, 2016.
    Asphalt Mix Design Workshop by Seero-CMS Joint Venture (YouTube Link)
  2. Seero Engineering Consulting held a technical seminar about “Transportation and Infrastructure in Qatar” on May 24, 2017.