Seero is a qualified promising company with a clear vision to achieve. It has already a base of success in the field of Transportation & Infrastructure engineering consultancy by achieving more than 150 projects in Qatar and Bahrain in a short period of time.

As an actively growing firm, our success is built on our people. We put together the right team of experienced and skilled employees to deliver professional work to our clients.

Seero is a great place to work; that is for the following reasons :

  • Healthy and encouraging environment
  • Development career plan, including workshops, semi-annual assessment & stating personal career goals
  • Upward learning curve
  • Skillful, experienced & friendly staff
  • Equal opportunities for all candidates
  • Clear process in recruiting & hiring new employees
  • Professionalism and high quality standards.

Seero is always seeking to up-size its team with qualified and skilled employees to match its plan in achieving the company’s vision.

If you are interested to join Seero team, please email  your CV (resume) to this email address: